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Mar 13, 2013 6:00am PDT
continue to be the leader in the world economy. we need the pope, get that done. italy needs to get a pope and get their economy back on track. costco good, target good, wal-mart good, j.c. penney, not so good. >> the important is if we do not send money the economy falters. >> i feel like at mcmahon, you are correct sir. we do pay attention to that. >> do we have and it's all coming out tomorrow? >> the most lanes/mob ever in the york for people. samsung employees. they're coming out of the phone tomorrow and it has samsung aquiver in. it is one-fifth of th10 years ago they we need t new products. >> the intent was sounds of all is the son was steeper than the five phones do you think that will help apple out if they have in the less-expensive iphone? >> yes i do. we go is a good success partner. sam's and has a good partner. did i were to marry samsung or apple i would do well. as long as i don't marry nokia. they aren't bad, motorola is dead. samsung and apple are the two players. it is not a pie they make, and is not a pie they get. i is good. they are the two best pipe makers if you g
Mar 20, 2013 6:00am PDT
that they are concerned about their retirement savings, even in a rebounding economy. according to a new survey by the employee benefit research institute: 28% of americans are not confident about their retirement savings. the highest that numbers have been 23 years. more than double was back in 2007, when only 10 percent of americans were worried about having enough for their golden years. additionally, nearly half of the respondents say that they were either " not too confident " or " not at all confident " about the actual amount they have saved. surprisingly, a majority are reporting their savings and investments are less than $25,000, which many have been less than $1,000 available. >> a palestinian girl many view as a hero has returned to school for the first time, since she was attacked by television and militants. malala yousufzai shot in the head last october, because of her support for girls' education. she is not attending school in england, where she has been receiving medical treatment. she is excited to get back into the classroom. >> i want to learn how to bring a change in the w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2